Who We Are

A cultural focal point for the Fosston area, the FCLAA offers cultural opportunities through library services and the arts to enrich the lives of all area residents, including:

  • Library

  • Gallery

  • Theatre

  • Music

The Fosston Community Library and Arts Association (FCLAA) believes that library services and the arts are vital to sustaining a superior quality of life in our rural community.

An exceptional quality of life is essential to preserving and enhancing the social and economic stability of the region.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is investing in our community by fostering an environment for creative expression.

We believe the arts are essential to the life of our community. We are committed to investing in people by bringing culture, lifelong learning and a spirit of inspiration to our community.

Board Members

The Fosston Community Arts Center is governed by a non-profit board of directors representing Fosston Community Library & Arts Association (FCLAA).

 Board members serve three year terms and meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  

  • Bonnie Stewart – President

  • Tammy Ragan-Vice President

  • Joann Papke – Secretary

  • Molly Peltier – Treasurer

  • Jason Steinbrenner

  • Barbara Johnson

  • Dawn Skeie-Crane

  • Abby Pearson